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Founded in the early 90s, PML has specialized in the production and distribution of a wide range of sanitary items in brass, stainless steel and plastic relating to various product lines. Such as articles for the shower, articles for the drain in the bathroom, stainless steel drainage systems for the floor and for drains.


"PAVINOX" stainless steel floor covering

The new AISI 304 stainless steel floor covering by PML comes from the need to get a very resistant product, having an impeccabile aesthetic appearance and flexibility at assembly on floor gullies with or without trap already installed or to be installed.

Covering can be supplied in different diameter sizes so as to make it universal at assembly, Covering in enriched by an anti-cockroach trap upon request (see picture) placed inside the pits, patended by PML, preventing insects or cockroaches to come from drainage on the floor thanks to its non-return function.

Surface can be either looking glass bright or satiny. Covering is supplied with or without plug and with movable grating or fixed grating (with fixing screws).

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