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PML has in this General Catalog, a full range of products and accessories for the various sectors of the bathroom and the kitchen (Goods for Sink - Sink and Bidet - Shower and Bath - Washing machine and Floor - Vase WC - under basin flexible and so on.) carefully taking care quality, in strict compliance with and guarantee of MADE IN ITALY.


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The style in the bathroom, high quality with the respect of the most rigorous

PML has created a new ideal showcase siphons - angle valves - drains basin / bidet and shower and floor drains, inside a new concept of modern minimalist bathroom.


Stainless Steel floor drain,

equipped with grid drain or insert tileable. available in two versions and in different lengths.

The standard version with a total height of 105 mm floor level. - 50 mm water column. with discharge flow rate 30 l / min., conforming to EN274. The low version with a total height of 85 mm at floor level. - 30 mm water column. with discharge flow rate of 30l / min., conforming to EN274.

The Stainless Steel floor drain has a regulation system to facilitate the positioning on the floor.

For proper installation it is recommended to prepare the substrate with an appropriate waterproof membrane. The siphon is preassembled, immovable and at 360 ° is fully inspected.

Stainless steel floor drain can be assembled and aligned using the appropriate kit "MODULAR ASSEMBLY".


PP Floor Drain "PRIME"

The new "PRIME" shower channel with an inpolipropylene body and stainless steel grille is available in lengths of cm60 - cm70 - cm 80 - cm90.

The technical characteristics of this new raceway reflect exactly the same properties of the patented stainless steel version, making them unique and functional also in the polypropylene version.

The additional advantage is in all versions.

The pml wanted to combine this new channel in polypropylene with the existing one in stainless steel, putting at the center as always, the quality, practicality and functionality, in the best tradition of MADE IN ITALY.

Dowload Brochure ( PDF)
Dowload Depliant 2018 floor drain ( PDF)

"PAVINOX" stainless steel floor covering

The new AISI 304 stainless steel floor covering by PML comes from the need to get a very resistant product, having an impeccabile aesthetic appearance and flexibility at assembly on floor gullies with or without trap already installed or to be installed.

Covering can be supplied in different diameter sizes so as to make it universal at assembly, Covering in enriched by an anti-cockroach trap upon request (see picture) placed inside the pits, patended by PML, preventing insects or cockroaches to come from drainage on the floor thanks to its non-return function.

Surface can be either looking glass bright or satiny. Covering is supplied with or without plug and with movable grating or fixed grating (with fixing screws).

Dowload ( PDF)

Stainless Steel Systems for Surface Drainage

Our multi year experience in the field of brass and plastic articles for bath and kichen
drainage has lead us to design and produce a complete range of specific products
for surface drainage.

The aim of engineering and designing these products is basically quality and innovation, so as to propose products made by PML on the very high quality markets of stainless steel drainage.

In fact all our drainage systems are completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel
(AISI 316L upon request), highly resistant to corrosion, having very high mechanical properties, facility in use and axcellent aesthetic appearance.

Dowload Depliant ( PDF)

New patented "ECOSYSTEM"

ECOSYSTEM is an absolute novelty, effective and functional thanks to its certified discharge capacity and anti-intrusion of mosquitoes, cockroaches or rats, also able to avoid the bad smelling fumes caused by stagnation of various types.

ECOSYSTEM is made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304.

Equipped with an intelligent mechanism for opening and closing a swinging lever that allows the outflow of the different waste materials both solid and liquid in the discharge duct of the manhole and closes again carrying out the function of a check valve thus avoiding any unwanted intrusion.


Dowload ( PDF)

Stainless Steel Sink, Cilinder and Hemispheres

PML has created the series REFLEXE, for environments-bath able to meet the creativity of modern taste.

The series REFLEXE is completed by accessories made with the usual attention to detail.

The evolution of style leads to the search for innovative solutions.

Dowload Depliant ( PDF)

Stainless Steel shower tray and heads

Shower tray in stainless steel, with support frame and adjustable feet.

Easy to install, enriches the bathroom with the modern elegance of steel inserted into the flooring.

The stainless steel shower heads combine the functionality of a water jet spirited and aesthetics of modern design.

Dowload Depliant ( PDF)

Stainless Steel Toilet Brush "UNIQUE"

The modern design overlooks the bathroom.

A materials and product quality, is given great consideration, the aesthetic factor moves Featured, the lines are minimal without sacrificing functionality.

Each particular claim attention aesthetics, practicality, hygiene.

The convenience of gesture is joined a very high index of hygiene.

Dowload Depliant UNIQUE ( PDF)

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